SOS – Search Opportunities Service, Is a Indian government recognized professional recruitment agency with
1000+ License permission to recruit unlimited numbers of professionals. A Manpower Consultancy services
company was established by a dynamic entrepreneur Mr G. Sirajuddin. More than Three decades ago to
provide employment opportunities to Indian professionals across the world. In the past 30+ years more than
fifty thousand professional are placed in various companies around the world and still growing, SOS International
committed to services.
Today SOS International is a name to reckon with in Manpower recruiting niche. The very fact that we serve
more than 100 national & multinational companies in Saudi Arabia. UAE. Kuwait. Oman. Qatar meeting their
manpower recruitments in as diverse fields as Oil Exploration. Construction, Software. Contracting, Hospitals
and in as varied categories as Software, Civil, Mechanical, Electronic Engineers and other technicians is a
testimony to our commitment levels. proficiency, efficiency to deploy competent manpower cutting across
industries. companies and firms.
We have built up over 30+ Years of experience in this highly competitive field and One of our core areas of
expertise is the proveston of recruitment and management Consultancy, and We provide quality Service and
value by structuring high impact teams which consist of professionals with exceptional abilities that not only fit
the clients business needs, but are needful of the social and cultural environment of the Middle East.
We establish a trust-based relationship with our clients, and then work hand-in-hand with them to implement
their requirements – whether brainstorming new ideas, assisting with the set-up of new open at ones undertaking
restructuring or activating expansion plans. Whatever our clients’ needs we have a policy of continuous
improvement and constantly strive to better ourselves in the workplace by adhering to a series of global ‘best
As part of our recruitment and management Consultancy expertise. we offer the following services to our
clients in the Oil and Gas. Banking and Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Shipping and Logistics, Consumer
Products. Legal, Healthcare. Education. Information Technology and Service sectors etc.